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Spice of the Caribbean

Where is Grenada?

Grenada is located at the southern tip of the Caribbean, part of the Lesser Antilles. Grenada is just 12 degrees North of the Equator, giving us an excellent stable climate. Making Grenada a true all year round destination.

Grenada Island location_edited.jpg


How to Get to Grenada?

Grenada has a large international airport in the South of the island called Maurice Bishop International Airport. 

We have direct flights to:

  • New York (JFK)

  • Miami International 

  • Boston

  • Atlanta 

  • Toronto Canada

  • London (Heathrow and Gatwick) 

  • Frankfurt Germany

Along with regional flights to other Caribbean islands.

Grenada has full FBO facilities and we can help with organizing Private Charter Flights with our partners. 

Plane on Runway

Blessed with a 'perfect' climate,  the year round temperature only varies by 2 or 3 degrees all year round and hours of sunshine every day.  Grenada is one of the purest sources of drinking water in the world.


Grenada is very welcoming to Visitors and we are genuinely proud of our beautiful country and keen to show it to visitors.  Everywhere you will be greeted with wide smiles and ‘welcome’.

Grenada boasts a beautiful mix or pure Caribbean beaches and lush tropical mountain rainforests. 




Why Grenada?


The Beautiful Magazine Beach on the southern coast of Grenada

The south of Grenada is where you will fine the picturesque white sand Caribbean beaches. 

Magazine beach is a short ride away by one of our boats or we can go there by SUV. This beach offers excellent snorkeling right from the shore.



Annandale Waterfall 

Grenada is blessed with having beautiful white sand beaches and also mountainous rainforest in the heart of the island. Home to many waterfalls, monkeys and hiking trails for the adventurous. 

Let us take you to explore the island. 


Our Capital St George's 

St George's is the capital of Grenada and has many historic and brightly painted buildings dating back to 17th and 18th century. This is where you will find local souvenir shops and the Spice Market.

Located on the beautiful and unspoilt island of Grenada with daily flights from the USA and Canada (Atlanta, New York, Miami and Toronto), and daily flights from London and Frankfurt. The nearest airport is Maurice Bishop International Airport in St Georges, Grenada and can receive private planes of any size and has full FBO facilities. This stunning property is situated on a privately owned 6.5 acre peninsula meaning it has all the benefits of a private island without the accessibility issues. Grenada is renowned for being one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, which will be evident from the moment you arrive. 


Home to St George’s University the Island has close links with both the USA and as a former British Protectorate and a member of the Commonwealth it is very proud of its British Heritage.  


Driving is according to the British ‘drive on the left’ and the power supply and legal system are all British.  


Whilst some guests never want to leave our property (we had one Group who did not leave at all for 10 days’, we love to show our guests around and here are a few of our favourite activities.  At all times you will be accompanied by a member of staff to ensure your comfort.  We have a 31 foot motor cruiser (with Captain and restroom) and 3 vehicles (with driver), we also have 2 person kayaks so you can explore by water and by land.  Here are a few of our suggestions:


• Numerous waterfalls to explore and swim in, let us have cooler of drinks waiting for you after your climb and swim
• Jungles and rugged mountain peaks to climb • Picturesque historic downtown
• Dozens of white sandy beaches, we can travel there by boat or by road and have a private picnic or bbq.
• River tubing
• Chocolate Factory and Cacao Plantation visits • Rum distillery tour stopping at ‘rum shacks’ on the way ‘home’
• Scuba diving and snorkelling
• Deep sea fishing 

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